7 Kenyan brands that you can wear right now.

by Liv
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Peperuka World– its no surprise that they made the list, from ‘me I love Nairobi’ mugs to ‘hii mvua ni ya joto’ tees, they are the guys to look for.

Joanna K Cosmetics– after an oversubscribed valentines sale earlier this year, she’s been able to restock and meet demand fairly well.

Kipato Unbranded– they create jewellery that is inspired “by everyday people and for everyday people”

Bongosawa Republik– the brand provides a melting pot of cultural diversity and personal expression – for the “likeminded” street wear fashion enthusiast.

Sued Watches– Sue started off with one off-hand sale and now your IG feed would not be complete without getting SUED.

Nairobi Apparel District is basically cool kid certified.

Bata Ngomas– this is self explanatory

Bonus Find: Rosen Shoes– not sure who started the whole paint your ngomas trend but it’s the perfect weekend project for any DIY enthusiast.

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