Stuck in a rut? Make a list.

by Liv
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I’ve found that the process of compiling this takes the pressure off being stuck and opens up my idea bank to new things. When I wanted to write about the extravagance of bull fighting costumes, I hit a wall. So I picked topics I had no clue on see and along the way I ended up writing about what to wear to a wedding, curvy bloggers doing the damn thing and curating Kenyan brands that you’ll love 🙂

Visit a museum/ art gallery– these are fun, you can leave when you’re bored and you learn something new. I usually drop in to the archives when I’m running errands just to get lost in history.

Work out– they say it takes 21 days to form a new habit but *shrug* sometimes the best thing is to just work out because it feels good. 21 days or not. You get to kinda forget your troubles and marvel at how inflexible your body is in those first few days then enjoy your new found muscles at the end of your work out period.

Travel. You really don’t even have to pack bags and book hotels. Pick a destination, it can be an airbnb within your city or visiting friends in different cities.

Treat yourself– spa day, thrift day, date night. We often forget to celebrate our small wins so why not carve out some me time and do something just for you.

Meditate– there are thousands of meditation apps, videos, blogs that can help you find your inner peace and get you back to you’re a-game.

Play a game– when I’m trying to cut back on screen time (and this happens a lot, see the dark side of digital) I replace my apps with a new game. I’m currently crushing 2084 but you can pick from anything from teken to

Check in on your friends– I’m sure sending fire emojis to their IG stories is cool but sometimes calling of meeting familiar faces id all you need to get unstuck.  

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