8 Curvy Bloggers you Need to Follow.

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Curvy is the new plus size but lets be honest, most plus-size clothing doesn’t even start until size 16. But, since plus-size refers to models who are size 8 and up in fashion, here’s a list of 8 stylish bloggers above size 8.

Anita Mogere from Curves with Love is one of the fore-running plus size bloggers in Kenya. She shares interests and enthusiasm for all things fashion, beauty, natural hair and everything in between.

Anita Mogere

Ty Alexander, formerly Gorgeous in Grey. She switched to Love, Ty Alexander because after 9 years of using a moniker, it was time to just be herself

In the fashion industry, plus size is identified as sizes 10-14, super size as sizes 1X-6X and extended size as 7X and up.
Ty Alexander

Chloe from Chloe in Curve. She started her blog back in October 2014 to share her personal style and encourage women of every age, size and shape to enjoy fashion.


Hayet Rida– she started her blog as an excuse to keep posting pictures of herself and celebrate the woman that she is.

Thammar from Musing of a Curvy Lady. She started her blog as a radical and revolutionary way of loving herself and the body she has and styling it well.


Natalie Craig of Natalie in the City. She uses her blog to share style advice, and show everyone that they can be beautiful and confident at any shape or size.


Steph from Nerd about town. She recently published Spunk, an e-guide on how to love yourself in a world that tells you not to (purchase it here)

Lauren from Fashion Killer. She’s a fashion blogger/content creator/model and everything in between.

Lauren from Fashion Killer UK

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