Aging in a Barbie World

by Liv
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Fun fact, did you know Barbie’s Secret Sister Was a Sexy German Novelty Doll. I know it doesn’t quite have the ring to the veiled fun, carefree innocence of the catchy barbie song but you catch the drift.

Anyways, Barbie turned 60 last month? And while it’s tempting to think dolls go out of style, Barbie has her own Instagram page complete with a dedicated styling team #BarbieStyle

Barbie aside, there’s a growing appreciation for septu/octo/nonagenarians on IG because first of all, drip is forever.

I mean look at SLVR mean mugging

Second, perhaps we are more open to seeing aging in a digital age no westworld. or are we documenting it more? It’s a willingness to give room to senior citizens to exist within this ‘digital age’ not just as dependents but as people who live ordinary lives like the rest of us. It’s celebrating women who aren’t afraid to be themselves wrinkles et al #influencerlife

90 YO Kimiko

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