The Hidden Cost of Perfect Systems

by Liv
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2016 was the beginning of ruined childhoods, 2017 dedicated itself to finishing the job *MK voice* and in 2018 we are coming to terms with the cost of sanitized idea(l)s. From the problematic faves to Cosby, Disney and the current crop of governments (sighs in reported Kenyan corruption scandals), it seems there’s isn’t enough rice to go around   Here are a couple of (un)related reads that question the cost of trusting seemingly harmless/ perfect narratives.

Did you know the ‘healthy eating- gluten free’ craze left behind calorie counters that demonized gluten? unless you suffer from celeiac disease in which case nevermind. I’m all for healthy eating but A Kingdom of Dust  deep dives into the cost of year-round fresh produce in the midst of extended drought. Catch me side-eying the paybill billboards meant to inspire us to save the forests since we are still chopping down trees faster than we can plant them. Speculations of diverting rivers in the Northern Collector Tunnel Project were making headlines before the NYS done came and swept us away.  Related, Nestlé is still wading in claims of making billions off economically depressed municipalities. The optics or CSR are a delicate balance when it comes to accountability but I am rooting for Paul’s change of strategy for Unilever.

But, while the year is set on undoing self imposed ignorance and by extension, our arrogant blind reliance on tech be it in solving crime or inspired needle-less blood test that would diagnose everything under the sun by way of malfunctioning prototypes, we can count on Seneca,s stoicism to guide us

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