4 Brands Getting their Influencer Marketing Right

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I’ve just wrapped up an influencer campaign that got me thinking about how local & international brands approach this aspect of marketing. And this probably needs to be a whole post on its own. But, for now, Let’s look at a mix of companies that are getting the influencer marketing gig right.

It goes without saying that GOT has by far been one of the most memorable TV series if the decade. From the limited edition night walker to oreos well timed homage and budwisers really solid fomo activator, it’s been a show worth the hype except for season 5 and episode 3, sn 8 i mean wtfwasthat However, Showmax Kenya outdid themselves in leveraging the shows popularity by hosting an influencer driven quiz night right before the start of the new season.

Showmax GOT quiz night poster

Vivo Woman– I’ll loosely go with Grace Msalame, Sharon Mundia and an endless host of influencers that fit their customer profile to the I AM Lipstick collection from vivo, Pauline cosmetics and Caroline Mutoko.

Carolien Mutoko wearing the I AM lipstick

If you’ve ever wanted a NairobaeIGTour Turn.up Travel is probably your best bet. Granted, they might not technically be using influencers to market the tours, they are a case study in what having influential personalities taking up your product can do for your business.


This particular stunt might not be on your radar but Oreo usually topa the class with its digital campaigns. Remember this GOT ode? But or the purpose of this essay, Oreo jumped on the eyebrow trend with a ‘some people will do anything for an oreo’ campaign and tagged the Slo Mo Guys to create an oddly satisfying video.

Honorary mention: My Tales of Whisky

Diageo, the parent company of Scottish whiskey brands Lagavulin and Oban, was awarded a Shorty Award for Best Influencer Marketing Campaign for this yule log video starring Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman because who doesn’t love parks & recreation?

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