A case of the Neutrals

by Liv
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If you haven’t read the build up to this post, not to worry, this is a more practical guide to bloggers/vloggers that compliment the idea of a capsule wadrobe.

Let’s start with Dearly Bethany– Found her on the Tube & I’m such a fan.

She does really great videos on and her feed is very well spaced out making great use of negative space most of her photos.

Petite-style vlogger Dearly Bethany

Then there’s Amanda Shadforth aka OracleFox.

I’ve followed her for her editorials since forever. She blogs under the same name plus runs creative under her name.

Peep the product placement

Then there’s Caroline of un-fancy.com

She’s a recent find from the Internets and I’m crushing on her simplified wardrobe + 10 by 10 challenge. Her summer pallet post is a great place to start if you’ve got a case of the neutrals.

Caroline with a case of the neutrals

And last but not least, there’s Jennifer from Barely There Beauty.

Her blog is so visually pleasing even as she changes her color pallets from blushes to bluesand patterns from polka dots to ubiquitous stripes.

Such a chic-work friendly look.

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