Re-inventing Trends

by Liv
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The original title of this post was ‘ugly trends that refuse to die’ up until i came across the very lovely Lauren Williams moving pieces and well, the old title just seemed a bit unfair considering fashion’s cyclic nature.

Take kittens heels. Orthopedically, they are the ideal shoe for the working woman. But, aesthetically, you have to tap into your inner rich aunty to rock a kitten heel without falling out of style.

If you grew up in a Kenyan homeheck, lets make it African, you will remember the embroidered couch cover-ups your mom or grandma used to have. I say used because I cannot recall where they all disappeared to before embroidery came back in the form of cute bralletes and cover-ups that are now the wave.

The Gideon boot, otherwise known as the Martel boot to the rest of the world is another acquired taste. Originally made for the working class men by a Nazi doctor in the 20’s, it gained its following in the televised appearance on music shows and it’s now a classic punk staple.

I can’t wait to see what else we’ll love-hate in this new decade.

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