Green Screens, Books and The Making of Unforgettable Films

by Liv
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This might be the right time to admit that I watch, nay, follow the Oscars coverage for the gowns, the beautiful gowns. I was compiling a Tessa appreciation post after she made her way into my stories and figured why not throw in a little social commentary into the mix. Because did you see her? At the Oscars? Look up 🙂

Anyway, in the spirit of bundling everythang in the title into a post. Let’s start with the petition to award costume designers at the Oscars. Costuming awards usually go to period drama because it takes a whole lot of work to pull off what we’ve been conditioned to imagine the period dramas aka the period drama aesthetics.

I’m re-watching the Witcher just to appreciate all the Easter eggs and the beautiful work Tim did. He documented and published his work. Do you know how rare costume designers do this?

squishable butt mention

The best costuming is usually so subtle you forget it’s the thread holding everything together. I’m hoping to find that in the Kite Runner’s installation on Showmax. I’ve just finished the book and I’m mildly anxious it won’t like up to my imagination. Random mention, the dragons in The Witcher were very meh. Anyway, Enjoy the gowns from the Oscars…all the beautiful beautiful gowns.

Hunter #HelloEuphoria
Honorary mention for making time for a reported on the red carpet

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